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There is only one small memory I have about the day I left home.  If I stop and think of it I can remember it quite clearly, it is only a flash of a memory like a clip of a passed dream.  I am standing on my doorstep looking out toward my old blue ford fiesta parked on the pavement full with the entirety of my bedroom.  I can see the faded red and grey bricks that made up our wide driveway stretched out in front of me.  I cannot remember exactly how hot it was that day, but I remember I was wearing a T-shirt so it must have been a nice warm day.  I held a largish gold-framed photo of my family rapped in my arms pressed into my chest like a shield.  The photo was of my Mum, my Dad, my Brother and myself all posting for a professional photo at a black tie ball from the Christmas before.  Suddenly whilst standing on my doorstep I felt my brothers arms wrap round me from behind.  It was a quick awaked embrace.  We had like many other siblings, drifted away from each other, as we grew older, like two untied rowing boats on a lake.  I was quite immature as a young adult, naive and easily influenced.  However I was also just like every other 19 year old, I thought I knew best.  I don't really remember if I felt sad that day or excited either, but that quick awkward embrace from my big brother told me no matter how far our boats had drifted apart they were still floating on the same lake and always would.

Looking back now as an adult I can see it from my brother's eyes, his little sister was leaving home with her no good for nothing boyfriend.  I can now see how worried he must have been for me; I can understand how being that much older than me he could see how things may pan out.  But I'm glad he hugged me that day.  I held onto that quick awaked embrace through many of the tough times that followed, knowing that I could always go home to my Mum, Dad and big brother.

I moved from England to Santa Monica CA in January 2015.  The gold framed family portrait is now in a white frame and sits on my bedside table to remind me just how important family are to me.  It took awhile but now we are both in our mid thirties, our boats are floating side by side again.  I talk to my brother on the phone every week and rest happy knowing that he will always be there for me.

On June 19th 2015 my brother picked me up in his classic pale blue mustang with bridal ribbon running from the car bonnet to the wing mirrors.  Every inch of the car was shining from hours of polishing and it made my big day all the more special that it was my brother driving me to the ceremony.  My dad sat in the back with me holding my hand, and my mum sat in the front next to my brother.  All together for the next chapter of my life.


Thank You Victoria Browne for graciously agreeing to be my first guest poster.  What an awesome memory, I loved every moment of reading it.  Congratulations, and I hope that your wedding was absolutely beautiful (it was, I saw pics!) and everything you wanted it to be.  Right now, I hope you're having a fabulous time on your honeymoon making more memories that will encourage a new story in the making.

About the Writer:

Victoria Browne

I have dyslexia and my teachers told me I wouldn’t amount to much, so I based all my characters on the girl I became to some how prove to them that I did amount to something. With a great deal of determination, I progressed to where I am today living in Santa Monica CA. After a successful dental career in Harley Street London I owned my own estate agency in south London. I sold my company to write full time and look after my husband and cat poppy J. All my books are edited professionally along with all art and cover designs. 

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Second time lucky? No wait that’s not the saying…

Stay Tuned for my Review and Interview with Victoria on August 7th.

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